Vacation Rental Launch Announcement from Arrived CEO, Ryan Frazier 

Announcement from CEO of Arrived, Ryan Fraiser

At Arrived, our goal has always been to democratize access to the wealth-building potential of real estate investment. Our expansion into vacation rentals is another great step in the right direction toward fulfilling that vision.

Short-term rentals have historically shown high returns, and the market is growing as domestic travel patterns change and more people choose to stay in vacation homes. Platforms like Airbnb have helped vacation rental owners generate over $150 Billion dollars in rental income from serving 1 Billion guest arrivals, and yet, less than 0.5% of these guests have been able to access the wealth-building potential of this rapidly growing asset class.

That’s why we are adding this exciting new asset class to our platform. Over the last year, Arrived has helped thousands of Americans gain access to the financial benefits of property ownership for the first time in their lives. We are excited to bring our House IPO model to vacation rentals, the fastest-growing real estate segment right now. 

With Arrived, anyone can buy shares in income-producing rental properties starting at just $100. We take care of all the real estate operations so investors can sit back and collect net rental income and their share of the home’s appreciation. With the launch of vacation rentals, Arrived has become an even more powerful platform for investors to diversify their real estate portfolio across different properties, markets, and asset classes.

Excited to invest with you,

Ryan Frazier

CEO of Arrived Homes

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