Houston Investment Property for Sale - 2024 Rental Home Appreciation

State: Texas


Want to invest in Texas real estate but aren’t sure where to commit? The residential real estate market in Houston, Texas, could be a good fit.

Just as the more significant Houston area population has grown over the last 25 years, so has the number of renters. As a result, rental homes and apartments are in short supply. Houston investment properties could help fill the demand in the rental market.

Houston's Attractive Housing Market

Realtors and brokerage firms are thriving in an abundant housing market. The average 1,750 sqft home value has increased significantly over the last year, resulting in thousands of homes for sale. Unfortunately, as homeowners and realtors try to cash in on appreciation by selling at the new, high home prices, the trend drives would-be homeowners to become renters instead. Booming sales prices create a competitive rental market, as many choose to lease or rent because they can’t afford to buy.

Investment opportunities with potential for excellent cash flow through rental income are expected. Houston needs more single-family home rentals, and real estate investors can fill that demand.

Discover great schools and the best neighborhoods:

  • Clear Lake: As the second largest community in Houston, Clear Lake benefits from the headquarters of Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Outdoor adventure awaits with its great nature preserves, parks, and bodies of water.

  • Montrose: Known as “the Heart of Houston” for its vibrant culture, this walkable neighborhood offers world-class art museums and galleries. Montrose is home to two of the area’s most beloved restaurants - Hugo’s and UB Preserv.

  • Grand Lakes: Located in Katy, this HOA-managed community has four of the top-performing schools in the Greater Houston area.

  • Crystal Beach: This coastal community on Galveston Island is surrounded by 27 miles of soft, sandy beaches. Beachgoers enjoy outdoor activities such as birdwatching, golf, fishing, and live music.

  • Towne Lake: Located in Cypress, this award-winning community offers lakeside living, Texas style, with its 300-acre private recreational lake. The Boardwalk in this sought-after area is full of restaurants and activities.

Rental Home Appreciation in Houston

Houston is projected to maintain consistent population growth. With a slightly lower than average cost of living, this region will require more rental properties. Here are a few reasons to consider Houston real estate as part of your portfolio:

The Houston area has more than 40 colleges, with Lone Star Community College being the largest and fastest-growing in the entire nation. With the rise in students, housing needs are also increasing.

Downtown Houston is focusing on an initiative to grow its residential population. Providing rebates to developers who create rental homes and multi-family complexes opens up additional potential investment opportunities.

Houston is home to various attractions, including the Houston Space Center, Museum of Fine Art, Houston Zoo, and the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Economic Growth in Houston

As the fourth largest city in the United States, Houston is expected to have a job growth increase of 30% over the next ten years. The highest growth areas are expected for professional services, followed closely by a rise in medical center personnel.

The tech industry has an anticipated growth of over 45%, as does the utility industry. These forecasts are attracting both job seekers and investors. In addition, reports indicate the area could add 100,000 new residents annually, driving up economic activity and the need for more housing.

Forecasts for population and economic growth in the area show tremendous potential. Join the Arrived list to learn how to start real estate investing with as little as $100.

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