San Antonio Investment Property for Sale - 2024 Rental Home Appreciation

State: Texas


Home to the Alamo, the metro area of San Antonio, Texas, is a must-see. Its main attraction, San Antonio Riverwalk, is full of restaurants, shops, boats, and more! It is less than three hours to Dallas, Austin, and Houston, so visiting other major Texas cities isn't a problem.

San Antonio has one of the most stable rental markets in the United States, and renters are always looking here. The real estate market is improving with excellent school districts and a growing job market, making the San Antonio area a perfect spot for investment opportunities.

San Antonio's Attractive Housing Market

San Antonio is the perfect spot to find an investment property. The real estate market is one of the hottest in the United States. Any realtor would love to show you around some San Antonio real estate, whether it be multifamily or single-family homes.

Like many cities, the home prices in San Antonio have increased, but the low down payments, low cost of living, and the job market have made the San Antonio housing market popular.

  • Alamo Heights - Beautiful tree-lined streets and listing prices make the area a buyer's market. This area is perfect for families, singles, and young professionals.
  • Helotes - Right on the outskirts of the San Antonio area, Helotes is known as one of the best suburbs to raise a family.
  • Northwest Crossing - A real estate investor's dream. Low prices on these San Antonio homes make them an excellent real estate investment.

Other areas near the San Antonio metro area:

  • Live Oak - About a half-hour from San Antonio, this area is an excellent mix between suburbs and city life. Homes for sale do not sit on the market for long here!
  • New Braunfels - Home values are lower than the other areas around San Antonio, but they have increased in the last few years overall.

Rental Home Appreciation in San Antonio

San Antonio still has one of the most stable rental markets, home sales continue to increase, and increasingly, people are looking for rental properties here.

The school system is nothing to miss in San Antonio, either. The area features excellent public schools and universities like the University of Texas-San Antonio and Trinity University.

Accessibility is another one of the main reasons people are looking to get into San Antonio real estate. It's a weekend ritual for residents to enjoy walking around near the Alamo and the Riverwalk, stopping in shops and restaurants along the way. In addition, since it's not too far from Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio is the place to buy when it comes to Texas real estate.

Economic Growth in San Antonio

San Antonio is experiencing tremendous economic growth, with many 21st-century industries deciding to call the metro area home. Some industries include aerospace, cybersecurity, bioscience, and green technologies. With so many new companies, the unemployment rate has declined recently, keeping property management companies busy as people quickly buy up San Antonio property.

Where there is economic growth, there is population growth, and with over 1.4 million people calling San Antonio, Texas home, San Antonio is set to pass Philadelphia in population, according to the U.S. census bureau.

Take it from Forbes: San Antonio is a bustling southern city where home prices and cost of living are below the national average. As you look at the cost of real estate per square foot compared to other areas, remember that when you invest with Arrived, you will have barely any responsibilities – no brokerage services or property management. Plus, having a real estate investment property opens your life to the potential of steady cash flow.

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