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Cameron Wu

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Our team follows a process designed to provide our investors with what we believe are going to be top performing investments.

Common Questions

Arrived makes money through our work preparing a property for investment (sourcing fee), a quarterly AUM (assets under management) fee, and agent rebates we collect from the original property seller. A clear breakdown of fees can be found on each individual property page.

While Arrived cannot predict future returns, historical cash dividends paid out from Arrived properties paired with rental home appreciation averages from the last 20 years point to a return in the range 2.4% - 7.9% a year for dividends and 4.7% - 12.8% a year overall.

Currently investors will need to plan to hold their shares for the full investment period until the property is sold and investors are paid their proportional proceeds from the sale. In the future we intend to offer an option to access liquidity during the investment period, but there can be no guarantee when that will be available, and there may be fees involved.

Arrived has filed a planned redemption program with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), and it is currently under review for Qualification. A redemption program would allow investors the ability to sell their shares back to Arrived and receive the financial proceeds from the sale. Disclaimer: Arrived will not be able to support early redemption requests until the program is reviewed and qualified. This review is still pending, and we will be updating this FAQ as soon as it is complete. Additionally, there may be fees associated with any early redemption requests. For risk factors and disclaimer information, you can review our communications disclaimer.

Arrived strives to give investors the opportunity to build wealth through real estate. Historically, real estate returns have been maximized when treated as a long-term investment over multiple years. Arrived property offerings typically have a 5 year minimum investment period before a property would be sold.

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*Amount is comprised of the sum of total dividends distributed plus the increase or decrease in internally determined total share values from July 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022 for all series of Arrived Homes, LLC for which We have determined a share value. For total dividends paid per interest by series during such dates, please check here. For a complete list by series, of such share values, please check here. Such share values are not currently redeemable for cash and may not become redeemable for cash in the near future. For an explanation of the risks associated with investing in these offerings, please review the risk factors in the offering circular. Please consult with your investment advisor before making any investment decisions. Past performance is not indicative of future results.