Arrived Stakeholder Commitments

Aug 16, 2022

Arrived Stakeholder Commitments

At Arrived, our mission is to empower the world to build wealth through modern real estate investing. We aim to do that by opening up the real estate market for those who might not otherwise have access to it. Achieving that mission requires more than just an incredible product and team. We prioritize integrity, sustainability, and humanity in everything that we do. 

We are a mission and values-driven team and believe deeply that ethical business practices for all our stakeholders and communities will lead to the best business outcomes for our clients, residents, communities, and employees. We also believe it is the right thing to do. 

We recognize that Arrived has four main stakeholders: the clients who invest their capital, the residents who lease out Arrived rental properties, the communities Arrived rental properties are in, and the team of employees that serve our stakeholders. Below are our stated goals and commitments to each of our stakeholders.

Our Impact Goal


Our goal at Arrived is to help turn 1 million people into first-time property owners. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to own a piece of the American Dream and to have an equity stake in our communities

Our Commitments

Commitments To Our Clients 🤝

We take it very seriously that individuals have chosen to invest their hard-earned capital in Arrived property offerings. We are client-focused and dedicated to helping people realize their long-term financial goals through homeownership. We strive daily to ensure that our actions result in new value for all our clients. We believe that ethical business practices and good governance promote the long-term interests of our clients and their investments. 

Responsible Stewards of Client Investments

At Arrived, we aim to help our clients build long-term wealth and realize their financial goals. Our property selection and management process is built around maximizing long-term value realization for our clients. We aim to provide transparent information to our clients so that they can make the right decisions for their financial future. 

Commitment: Arrived will publish an annual investment report that shows aggregated and anonymized investment returns for our clients. 

Financial Education

We believe that financial health and success is rooted in proper financial education. We strive to create content that helps our clients make the most informed decisions around their financial future, whether that includes investing with Arrived or not. 

Commitment: We commit to investing in content creation that helps provide free financial education to the general public. We aim to reach one million people through our learning content each year.

Accuracy & Integrity of Company Reporting

Arrived Offerings are qualified with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or “SEC”. We publish detailed financial reporting on all property offerings with the SEC in our semi-annual 1-SA filing and fully audited financial statements with the SEC annually through our 1-K filings. (View Arrived SEC filings). Arrived property financials are prepared in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles for regulatory purposes. Arrived holds its team accountable for the accuracy and integrity of information. 

Commitment: We commit to publishing audited property financials in time to meet all SEC requirements.

Commitments To Our Residents 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Arrived strives to give residents the choice to lease quality homes in attractive neighborhoods in their community. Arrived works hard to ensure an equal and fair housing environment for all residents of the Arrived community, and we expect that all of our real estate partners do the same. 

Fair Housing Policy

Equal and fair housing for all Arrived residents. Arrived is committed to providing equal opportunity in housing. It is the policy of Arrived and our partners to support & comply with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws. In each and every aspect of the housing process, Arrived and its partners will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, ancestry, political affiliation, or marital status. Arrived and its partners will not discriminate on any other basis deemed unlawful by state or local law. Arrived and its partners will provide reasonable accommodations upon request to its residents and occupants with disabilities. Additionally, Arrived and its partners will not retaliate against anyone who attempts to enforce or who assists someone in enforcing their fair housing rights.

Commitment: Arrived and all Arrived property management partners commit to a Fair Housing policy in a partnership addendum.

Equity for Residents

We believe that everybody who rents out the home that they occupy deserves a chance to obtain the financial benefits that come from property ownership. As a result it is critical that all residents in Arrived rental homes have ownership of property themselves and we are committing to ensuring that is the case. In addition to residents in Arrived rental homes, we want to ensure that we are helping non Arrived renters who have never previously owned a property also become property owners.

Commitment: Arrived commits to providing over $200,000 in property equity to first-time property owners and to Arrived property residents. Arrived will donate $100 in property equity gift codes to over 2,000 individuals who are currently renting their main residence. This equity is given through shares of ownership in Arrived properties and is paid for directly by Arrived.

Quality Homes

We ensure that all Arrived properties not only initially surpass a minimum level of quality but that those properties are well maintained over time. That level of quality ensures that properties are safe for all tenants and results in an enjoyable living experience. 

Commitment: Arrived commits to providing tenants a safe and clean living space that is well maintained and properly cared for. 

Commitments To Our Communities 🏘️

We recognize that the vitality of our property investments is directly linked to the vitality of the communities in which they operate. We invest in improving our properties and maintaining them at high standards with timely maintenance. We hire locally for our property services and view ourselves as long-term investors in every market we enter.

We believe that these investments benefit our communities by creating jobs, enhancing neighborhood appearance and livability, and improving the overall quality of life for our residents and their neighbors.

Being a Good Neighbor

We recognize that we play an important role in our community and we strive to have Arrived properties and tenants be positive actors in our community. We ensure that our properties are well-maintained and do their part in helping the communities thrive. We aim to help our communities flourish over the short and long term through respect, empathy, and open communication. 

Commitment: Arrived commits to not only be responsible members of our community but also to help educate our partners, tenants & other stakeholders to do the same. 

Responsible Housing Investing

It is estimated that the USA is short about five million homes. That is, five million more households were formed than new homes were built. We work very hard to help add net new incremental homes to the housing supply. That includes working with builders to fund new housing stock and land developments. 

Commitment: We commit to ensuring that over 250 housing units on our platform will be net new incremental builds by 2023.

Commitments To Our Team 💼

We are a diverse team of talented individuals who are driven to improve access for our clients and increase the well-being of our stakeholders. We take initiative to make our company better every day and go out of our way to solve hard problems. In the process, we strive to promote a workplace where everyone is treated fairly and where we act with honesty, integrity, and respect.  We invest in inclusivity and believe that our differences can help drive product innovation, stronger performance, and an environment where everyone has a voice.  

Invest in Inclusivity

We strive to have a workplace where differences are celebrated, where everybody is treated with the same respect and feels safe and accepted. We believe everybody should have equitable professional opportunities, regardless of their background, geography, educational journey, or personal beliefs.

Commitment: We commit to publishing an annual diversity report on our board, leadership, and team. We will also conduct an annual employee sentiment survey to measure our commitment to inclusivity. 

Professional Development

We believe in the power of having a growth mindset when it comes to professional development. We work hard to provide the resources and time to enable our team to grow and develop.   

Commitment: Arrived commits to allocating an annual budget to professional development, continuing education, and personal growth for employees. We will track the efficacy of this effort annually by measuring learning hours per employee, the number of training sessions held, and session quality & relevance. 


Ryan & The Arrived Team

Ryan Frazier, Arrived CEO & Co-Founder

The opinions expressed in this article are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. The views reflected in the commentary are subject to change at any time without notice. View Arrived’s disclaimers

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