How Arrived Works

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At Arrived, our mission is to empower the world to build wealth through modern real estate investing. To accomplish this, we created an investor experience that reduces the difficulties and simplifies the complex decision-making traditionally associated with real estate investing so anyone can do it.

A Better Experience For Investors

Traditional investing in rental properties is complex and time-consuming. Below is the 16-step process needed for purchasing a rental home. There is a steep learning curve, and the process requires significant time and resources. We set out to radically simplify this process and make it accessible to anyone.

The Old Way to Buy Rental Properties

The Arrived Way to Invest in Single Family Residential Properties and Vacation Homes

We set out to radically simplify this process and make it accessible to anyone. With Arrived, investors can browse available single-family residential homes and vacation rentals (pre-vetted based on their appreciation and income potential), choose how much to invest in each property, and fund their first investment in minutes.

Our Process

In addition to making the investing experience faster and easier, we have spent a great deal of time developing an operational model that allows us to maximize returns for our investors. While many different components go into maximizing investor returns, the two main areas that we focus on are the acquisition and management of our rental properties. Below you can learn more about the Arrived process.

Robust Property Acquisition: 

Arrived uses data science to ensure that we find and acquire the right home at the right price. This process starts with analyzing hundreds of different markets to identify which offer strong cash flow and property appreciation potential. We then pick the best neighborhoods and desired home attributes in those markets. Once we find properties that fit the bill, we create a property and financial analysis that is presented to our investment committee for review. This process ensures that we are only selecting and acquiring the properties that will maximize the returns for our investors.

Efficient Property Management

Once we have acquired the right property at the right price, our operations team steps in to ensure that the property is managed efficiently and that we can reap the benefits of both scale and technology adoption. To start, our operations team works with trusted contractors to renovate the property and invest in the areas that will give us the best returns and reduce maintenance expenses in the future. We then work with a local expert property manager to start vetting tenants with our data-driven criteria to minimize potential issues that could affect property returns. Last, our operating team uses a technology platform to monitor the property and provide the residents with attentive customer service.

Benefits to Investing with Arrived

Not only have we dramatically improved the investor experience and built a robust operations strategy, but we have also focused on building many other benefits that make investing in top-quality real estate easier. Below are a few benefits of investing on the Arrived platform.

  • Low minimum investment – With Arrived, it is just as easy to invest $100 as it is to invest $100,000. We have removed the high barriers of entry to rental home investing. 
  • Diversify your investments – Diversification is a potent tool for reducing risk. You are accessing this diversification by investing in multiple real estate properties, markets, or asset types.
  • No Operational Responsibility – Arrived takes all operational responsibility for the home, so you can sit back and relax.
  • Truly Passive and Consistent Income – We have designed our product around ensuring that rental payments are consistently paid out to our investors. Investors receive rental payments quarterly.
  • Top Renters – We vet our long-term tenants, and they can become co-investors by buying shares in the rental property they are staying in. 
  • Benefits from Scale – Thanks to our scale of operations, we can further decrease many different types of costs and improve returns. 
  • No personal liability – We place all new properties in an LLC, which means there is zero personal liability for investors from any lawsuits or personal guarantees for financing debt. 
  • Access to the most lucrative markets –  We allow investors to access markets with the highest returns, even if those markets are very far away from where you live. 
  • Access to professional-grade technology – We utilize several advanced (and expensive) technology platforms to help us make better property acquisition and management decisions.

We have built a much better way to invest in real estate, and we look forward to showing you the results. Sign up and start browsing our properties today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Who legally has ownership of the house?

Answer: When you purchase shares in an Arrived home offering, you directly buy ownership in the individual Series of a Series LLC that owns that home asset. For example, if you purchase 1% of the shares in a single home offering, you would then be entitled to 1% of the economic interests of the asset over time, which may include income from rent or property value appreciation.

Question 2: Who can invest in Arrived Homes properties?

Answer: Currently, the Arrived platform is open to U.S. Residents above the age of 18. Individuals may also invest through certain entities or self-directed retirement accounts. Individuals need not be accredited investors to participate in the Arrived platform.

Question 3: Will I have any responsibilities for managing properties I invest in? If not, who is responsible? 

Answer: No, Arrived takes care of all the homeownership responsibilities, including the selection, purchase, and renovation of the home or vacation rental, as well as finding tenants, managing bookings, and dealing with maintenance requests. Arrived works with experienced property managers that take care of the day-to-day management responsibility – our property managers have many years of experience, which allows them to maximize returns and minimize operating costs. 

Question 4: What returns can I expect, and how often are rental payments distributed to investors?

Answer: Returns are earned from rental income dividends and appreciation driven by changes in property values. In Q3 of 2022, Arrived investors collectively earned nearly $374,000 in dividends, with annualized yields ranging from 2.4% to 8%. Investors also earned $1.5MM in property appreciation. Our current policy is to distribute rental payments quarterly. Learn More Here

You can view the current performance of all our properties on our historical performance page.

Question 5: What is the minimum Initial Investment?

Answer: Our mission at Arrived is to make investing in rental homes accessible to everyone. As such, the minimum amount required to invest is just $100 USD.

Question 6: What happens if I want to liquidate my investment before the holding period ends?

Answer: We’ve designed Arrived offerings for investors who want to invest in real estate for several years to maximize return potential. Our anticipated hold period for each property will be 5-7 years. We understand that plans change, and some investors may want to liquidate their investments after a shorter period. We are working on a program that, subject to the compliance and transfer restrictions described in our Offering Circular (here), would allow investors to request to redeem their shares and liquidate their investments. Learn More Here. Disclaimer: For risk factors and disclaimer information, you can review our communications disclaimer. There may be penalties associated with redeeming shares depending on when the request is made. We cannot guarantee that any redemptions will be possible.

View full list of questions at our Help Desk