How Arrived Works

Dec 8, 2023

How Arrived Works

Investing in real estate used to be complicated. 

At Arrived, our mission is to empower everyone to build wealth through modern real estate investing. We created an investor experience simplifying the complex decision-making traditionally associated with real estate — and lowered the barriers to entry — so anyone can do it.

A Better Experience for Investors

Investing in rental properties is a complex and time-consuming process. Even after acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills, it requires significant time and resources to realize return potential. 

We set out to radically simplify this process and make it accessible to anyone.

The Old Way to Buy Rental Properties

Rental property investors are responsible for everything from assessing the value of potential investments to securing financing, managing tenants, and maintaining the property. In short, it takes a lot of steps.

The Arrived Way to Invest in Real Estate 

With Arrived, investors can browse individual single-family residential homes and vacation rentals (pre-vetted based on their appreciation and income potential), choose how much to invest, and start building a highly-tailored portfolio of hand-selected investment properties in minutes. 

Investors can also opt for the Arrived Single Family Residential Fund, where they can invest in the same high-quality properties while enjoying an always-available investment experience, one-click diversification, and access to liquidity.

How Do I See a Return on my Investment?

Investing in Arrived rental properties can deliver returns in two ways:

  1. Investors can earn dividends from rental income. Currently, we pay out investors monthly.
  2. If a property is sold after the investment hold period, investors can earn appreciation if the property value goes up.

*Actual returns for individual properties will vary and may over or underperform these ranges. Diversifying across several properties and across asset types can be a helpful strategy for minimizing individual property risk.

You can view the current performance of all our properties on our historical performance page.

How Does Arrived Choose Investment Properties?

We combined decades of experience with data science to build an operational model that allows us to maximize return potential for our investors. 

How Does Arrived Work With Property Managers?

Investing in real estate shouldn’t feel like a second job. Arrived handles every aspect, from acquiring property to securing residents to managing the day-to-day.

Our property management (PM) partners have mission-critical responsibilities ranging from assisting in the property search to managing remodels and finding tenants. Every property management (PM) partner we select has passed our evaluation criteria.

Transparent investing

Every property funded on Arrived is qualified with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). By qualifying its offerings with the SEC, Arrived can allow anyone over the age of 18, accredited or non-accredited, to invest in its offerings. We comply with SEC standards for disclosure and transparency so you can understand exactly what you’re investing in. We also provide regular audited financial reports so you understand how your assets are performing. You can access our public SEC filings, here.

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Webinar: Investing In Arrived

Ryan Frazier, Arrived CEO, and Cameron Wu, VP of Investments, will be hosting webinars to talk about how to get started with rental property investing. Sessions are held on Tuesdays at 9am PST and Fridays at 1pm PST each week (unless otherwise posted).