Arrived May Property Performance

May property performance

Here with a leasing and booking update for May, where our portfolio performed well across both single-family residences and vacation rentals, generating over $491,721 in revenue.

Rental income dividends are paid quarterly in January, April, July, & October to investors.

Single-family residentials

In May, we secured new tenants for 11 Arrived single-family residential homes across 11 markets. For these 11 homes, 90.9% leased for more than the forecasted amount- that’s all but 1 property! All rental income generated from Arrived properties benefits its investors by adding to the property’s cash reserves or being paid out as future dividends. Overall, Arrived single-family residential properties have a stabilized occupancy of 93.49% with 198 occupied properties collecting a total of $$407,578 rent in May.

Vacation rentals

May Owner’s Revenue & Occupancy

In May, Arrived vacation rentals generated $84,143 in owner’s revenue with an average 51% booking occupancy rate for 18 booking-ready properties*. We launched 1 new vacation rental on booking platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO.

The table below presents the total Owner’s Revenue booked and occupancy rate in May. Overall, these vacation rentals have demonstrated strong ROI and occupancy is performing as expected. We are excited to share that our vacation rentals have an average guest rating of 4.835. In May, The Pinkshell became booking ready for the vacation rental market. Newly bookable vacation rentals require more time to reach revenue potential. 

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*Owners Revenue is Gross Revenue minus any booking-related costs such as host fees, cleaning, taxes, etc. This number reflects bookings from 5/1/2023 through 5/31/2023. Occupancy data includes days booked for each property from 5/1/2023 until 5/31/2023.

Vacation Rental Status Updates

In May, we successfully launched 1 new vacation rental, The Pinkshell, on popular booking platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO. Each month, we provide additional updates on property pages for vacation rentals that are not yet booking-ready to property pages. Preparing a property for booking involves various tasks such as renovation, designing, furnishing, and obtaining permits. To learn more about our vacation rental preparation process, please visit our blog. In this update, we are excited to share estimated booking-ready dates for upcoming vacation rentals.