Arrived Homes Launch: Forever Changing Rental Property Investing

Arrived launch

Apple stock example

Imagine for a second, that you really wanted to invest in Apple stock. 

You open up the Robinhood app or your brokerage website, type in Apple, and confirm your trade. 

1 Share, $100, and in a few seconds you’re done.

Apple stock example
Rental properties investment example

But what if each share was $50,000? 

And instead of a few seconds, it took 3-6 months to complete your trade? 

Rental properties investment example

That’s what investing in rental properties is like today.

Americans love real estate. 

The problem is, the majority of people who want to invest in real estate aren’t able to do it. It’s a process that requires a lot of money, time, and expertise.

Investment examples
Survey of 1,000 people from various backgrounds conducted by Arrived.

For years, American consumers have rated real estate as their most preferred long term investment. In fact, in these U.S. consumer surveys, real estate investing beats out the stock market year after year… and by a long shot. But when asked which investments they actually *own*, 55% of those consumers say they have invested in stocks, and only 7% have been able to invest in real estate

We think this is crazy. Real estate is the highest-performing long-term investment in the world. Always has been. The only reason this gap exists for consumers is because it’s infinitely (1) easier, and (2) cheaper, to invest in stocks than it is to invest in real estate.

Our vision is to forever change that.


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Arrived is a platform for investing in shares of rental homes starting from $100.

With Arrived, anyone can buy shares in quality rental homes and start earning rental income and home appreciation from day one. Arrived does all of the work. We find the best possible properties — based on their appreciation and rental cash-flow potential — and we manage them for you. So all you, Arrived investors, have to do is sit back and watch your investment grow. 

Our goal is to help millions of people start investing in rental properties today by simplifying and improving the process, all the while providing access to professional-grade strategies and support services that have never been available to everyday consumers before.

This is our mission, and today is Day One. We’re so excited to share it with you.

This week, we launched our first two homes on the Arrived platform. After so much hard work, it’s been rewarding for our team to see our community already reserving shares in droves, and leaving such positive reviews.  It’s only our first day, and investors have already reserved close to 90% of both homes.

The Liery and The Soapstone

Interested in investing? New investors can now browse available homes here and reserve shares in the homes they like. The process is as easy as buying an item on Amazon.

We hope you’ll join us and start making money more quickly, smartly, and reliably than ever before. We can’t wait to finally make real estate investing accessible to millions of people.

Thank you,

CEO signature

Ryan Frazier

CEO of Arrived Homes

If you’re interested in learning more, here are a few places you might start:

  1. Browse our available properties here and reserve shares
  2. Learn more about Arrived and How It Works Here
  3. Read our Real Estate Investing Guide Here


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