Little Rock Investment Property for Sale - 2024 Rental Home Appreciation

State: Arkansas


For several reasons, the Little Rock real estate market is booming. It's an affordable market with high demand for rental properties that offers residents a low cost of living and high quality of life. The market conditions keep real estate agents busy as homeowners and real estate investors rush to purchase properties.

Little Rock's affordability, appreciation, demand, and economy make it a great investment opportunity for any real estate investor.

Little Rock's Attractive Housing Market

and Fayetteville, AR (190 miles northwest). It offers residents natural beauty, a rich history, and a strong sense of community.

Real estate investors can find many turnkey single-family and multi-family housing in Little Rock's property listings. These properties have great potential for investors to earn immediate cash flow.

The Little Rock area is home to many great suburbs for investors. They include Benton, Conway, Jacksonville, North Little Rock, and Sherwood.

  • Benton: Benton is located 15 miles southwest of Little Rock along I-30. In 2021, Benton was ranked as one of the 50 best places to live in the U.S. because of its location, affordability, and culture. The median listing price in Benton is $125/sqft, and the median sales price is $214,950. The median rent is $1,350/month.
  • Conway: Conway is located 30 miles north of Little Rock along I-40. It's a college town home to Hendrix College, the University of Central Arkansas, and Central Baptist College. The median listing price in Conway is $131/sqft, and the median sales price is $229,900. The median rent is $900/month.
  • Jacksonville: Jacksonville is located 15 miles northeast of Little Rock along US-167. It's primarily a military community home to Little Rock Air Force Base, the Jacksonville Military History Museum, and the Clinton Presidential Center and Park. The median listing price in Jacksonville is $107/sqft, and the median sales price is $160,000. The median rent is $1,070/month.
  • North Little Rock: North Little Rock is located just north of Little Rock across the Arkansas River. It's known as a family-friendly community with many parks and great views of Little Rock. The median listing price in North Little Rock is $105/sqft, and the median sales price is $161,900. The median rent is $950/month.
  • Sherwood: Sherwood is located 11 miles northeast of Little Rock between North Little Rock and Jacksonville. It's considered one of the safest cities in Arkansas and attracts young families. The median listing price in Sherwood is $116/sqft, and the median sales price is $187,700. The median rent is $960/month.

A few other areas worth noting are Cabot, a small, family-friendly city located 26 miles northeast of Little Rock; Hot Springs, home to Hot Springs National Park and Bathhouse Row; Maumelle, located 17 miles northwest of Little Rock and home to Lake Maumelle; and Midtown, a buzzing neighborhood that's home to the Little Rock Zoo, War Memorial Stadium, and plenty of restaurants and shops.

Rental Home Appreciation in Little Rock

Little Rock's solid rental market creates a lot of demand for affordable rental properties. In fact, 44% of households in Little Rock are occupied by renters, and the city has a 1.2% vacancy rate.

According to Realtor, the median listing price in Little Rock is $125 per square foot with a median sale price of $224,900. Zillow's Home Value Index reports a 17.7% change since last year. The median rent in Little Rock is $987 per month.

Little Rock's strong rental market, affordability, and home price appreciation combine to make a great investment opportunity. A Little Rock rental property has the potential to yield significant returns for real estate investors and management companies.

Economic Growth in Little Rock

Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas and the seat of Pulaski County. It's the largest city in Arkansas and has an annual population growth rate of around 2%.

Little Rock's primary industries are the federal government, state government, healthcare, and education. The largest employers are Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas Children's Hospital, Central Arkansas Veterans HealthCare System, and the Little Rock School District. The Little Rock area is also the headquarters of the Clinton Foundation, Delta Dental of Arkansas, and Bank OZK. These industries and employers provide jobs that fuel the city's economy and growth.

The Little Rock real estate market offers homebuyers, renters, and real estate investors affordability, demand, appreciation, and a stable economy

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