The Ace

Vacation Rental

bed: 5    bath: 3    sq ft: 2,467    year built: 1979

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  • The Ace is a Scottsdale home with a spacious open floorplan, two primary Suites, and three additional bedrooms. It features an upgraded kitchen with white cabinets, quartz countertops, stylish Cafe appliances, and a massive island with bar seating. The kitchen opens to the living and dining rooms with a custom built-in bar and fireplace. The primary suite is your ultimate get-away with wood beam vaulted ceilings, a sitting area, and a spa-like bathroom with double vanities and a walk-in shower. The backyard is created for entertaining, with a covered patio, grass area, and a large pool.


    • Pool

    • Hot tub

    • Putting green

    • Large house for big groups

    • 10 min drive to the Promenade

    Address: 14249 N. 49th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

    Property Management Partner

    Preparing a home for the short term rental market is a multi-tiered process that begins as soon as the property is acquired. Our experienced investment team works closely with the local property managers to get it show-ready, determine optimal market rent, take high-quality photos and videos, market the rental through various online and offline channels, screen and thoroughly vet tenant applications, and finalize the lease terms. Below you can find more information regarding this offering's property management partner and the expected rent-ready date.

    Old Town Rental

    Ric & Jen, founders of Old Town Rental, have traveled the world from Tulum to Germany and have come to the conclusion that immersing fully in a destination is the foundation of an incredible experience. Since 2017, they run a boutique-on-purpose operation where they are personally involved in managing every property on their platform. This is how they’ve built their portfolio of amazing Arizona properties, currently managing over 60 properties in the Phoenix metro and earning Airbnb Superhost and VRBO Premier Partners titles. Ric sits on the board of the Scottsdale Short Term Rental Alliance and their team was one of few PMs in the area selected to partner with Marriot Bonvoy Homes & Villas.

  • Rent-Ready Date

    December 2022

  • First Dividend Date

    January 2023

  • Property Leverage & Volatility

    The potential financial returns you can earn are often linked to the potential risk and volatility. Adding leverage or debt to properties can amplify the potential return in exchange for higher potential volatility.

    Property Leverage




    Property Equity Volatility
    Relative to comparable properties on the Arrived platform, this property may carry average potential for equity returns, but also carries average potential for volatility given the amount of leverage used on the property.
    The Market

    Real estate values and returns are highly dependent on location. In general, properties in more affordable markets will have higher cash flow (potential dividends), and properties in more expensive markets will have higher appreciation. Arrived strives to give investors options to choose how much they invest in appreciation markets, cash flow markets, or balanced markets.

    The economy of the local city and market will dictate the potential returns of an investment. In general, some markets see high appreciation of home values, some have higher cash flow (dividends), and some have a mix of the two.

    Scottsdale, AZ

    Scottsdale, Arizona is a vibrant and upscale city located in the Sonoran Desert. The area is known for its luxurious resorts, world-class golf courses, and stunning desert landscapes. Visitors can explore the beautiful McDowell Sonoran Preserve, hike the iconic Camelback Mountain, or take a scenic hot air balloon ride. The city also boasts an array of high-end shopping destinations, including the Scottsdale Fashion Square and the Kierland Commons. Art enthusiasts will love the numerous galleries and museums in Old Town Scottsdale, while foodies can indulge in the city's thriving culinary scene. The city is also home to several spas and wellness centers, offering a variety of treatments and services. In addition, Scottsdale is a popular destination for events and festivals, including the annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show and the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, Scottsdale is a top destination for outdoor recreation, from hiking and biking to golfing and horseback riding.

    Offering Details

    The Offering Details provide a breakdown of the financials for a specific property offering. The Offering Details show the operating plan for the property, including how the Raise Amount proceeds will be used. For transparency, we also like to share a breakdown of the Arrived fees. And if you're interested in more information, we also link to other resource documents that go into more depth around each offering.

    • Property Purchase Price


    • Property Improvements & Cash Reserves


    • Closing Costs, Offering Costs & Holding Costs


    • Arrived Sourcing Fee (One-time)


    Total Property Amount


    Property Loan Amount


    Financing: 42%
    Interest Rate: 6.625%

    Equity Raised from Investors


    • IPO Price Per Share


    • Total Shares


    Hold Period

    5-15 years

    Arrived AUM Fee (Quarterly)
    • Purchase Price: 0.125% of the property purchase price (quarterly)

    • Gross Rents Fee: 5% of Gross Revenue

    Property Management Fees (Old Town Rental)
    • Gross Rents Fee: 15% (up to 20% depending on the performance of the property)

    • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment: Included in the use of proceeds listed above when our property manager partners assist in the furnishing and property update process.

    Common Questions

    Arrived acquires rental properties into an LLC and sells shares in that LLC to the general public. Arrived then manages the day to day operations including finding tenants and completing repairs.Investors receive cash dividends from rental income each quarter and capture any property value appreciation.

    Investing in Arrived rental properties can deliver returns to investors in two different ways:

    1) Dividends from the rental income on each property; currently paid out to investors quarterly
    2) Appreciation from the change in property value that will be realized at the end of the investment hold period

    The below table shows the estimated historical return range for a diversified portfolio of properties for each investment strategy. Actual returns for individual properties will vary and may over or under perform these ranges. Diversifying across several properties and across asset types can be a helpful strategy for minimizing individual property risk.

    Estimated Historical Annual Return Range for Diversified Portfolios

     Single Family ResidentialVacation Rental
    Without Leverage6% to 10%5.5% to 12%
    With Leverage7% to 12%6% to 15%
    Target Investment Period5-7 Years5-15 Years
    Return ranges are inclusive of all estimated costs, including property Operating, Finance, Legal, and Management Expenses, the Arrived Sourcing Fee, the AUM Fee, other upfront expenses, and costs associated with selling the property. Returns are calculated using the IRR formula.

    Learn More

    Preparing a newly-funded vacation rental for bookings can take an average of 1-3 months depending on a number of factors for each property. We work with experienced design & furnishing partners that have a strong track record of standing up and operating top performing vacation rentals quickly and efficiently. Together with these partners we develop a property theme, set a budget and timeline, and work with local contractors, furniture suppliers, and our property managers to ready not only the property but also all the additional services (cleaning, customer support, pricing optimization, …etc).

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    With real estate, it can be beneficial to invest in multiple properties and markets to achieve portfolio diversification. Diversifying your portfolio can be a good way to reduce exposure to risk from an individual property, tenant, or market forces.

    Currently investors will need to plan to hold their shares for the full investment period until the property is sold and investors are paid their proportional proceeds from the sale. We anticipate filing a secondary trading market with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) as an option for liquidity during the investment period, however there can be no guarantee when that will be available. Please submit your email if you would like to be notified of future developments.

    Arrived strives to give investors the opportunity to build wealth through real estate. Historically, real estate returns have been maximized when treated as a long-term investment over multiple years. Arrived property offerings typically have a 5 year minimum investment period before a property would be sold.


    There is currently no public trading market for our Interests, and an active market may not develop or be sustained. There is no guarantee that appropriate regulatory approval to permit such secondary trading will ever be obtained. If an active public trading market for our securities does not develop or is not sustained, it may be difficult or impossible for you to resell your shares at any price before the end of the investment period. Even if a public market does develop, the market price could decline below the amount you paid for your shares, and there may be fees involved. Please refer to our offering circular for more details regarding potential distributions.

    Don't know which property to choose?

    No need to worry, all Arrived rental properties go through our rigorous selection process and have been pre-vetted for their investment potential by our acquisitions team (more info). Rather than focusing on selecting individual properties to invest in, many Arrived investors simply distribute their investment across several available properties to achieve portfolio diversification.


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