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How Are Monthly Dividends Determined for The Billingswood?
Properties start paying dividends once they start generating income and may vary month to month. The monthly dividend is determined by analyzing several factors, including rental status, the amount of cash in the property’s reserves, last quarter’s cash flow, projected expenses, and lease renewal timing. For more information on why dividends may be increased, decreased or paused, please see our detailed FAQ. The rental history and dividend payments for each property can be found on the performance tab.
12/5/23 Status Update: The Billingswood is now live on Airbnb and accepting new bookings as of November. View the live booking link on this page! 11/3/23 Status Update: The design team will be on-site next week for their installation work, followed by the property management walk-through and photography. This vacation rental is expected to be bookable by November 2023. 10/5/23 Status Update: Baseboards and trim have been installed. Kitchen cabinetry is in the works (spoiler alert, they're a gorgeous hunter green). In just a couple of weeks, we'll begin installing furniture and preparing for listing the rental on the market! This vacation rental is expected to be bookable by October 2023. 9/5/23 Status Update: The Billingswood is projected to be open for booking by September 2023. We don't foresee any delays at the moment, as the work is advancing smoothly. 8/5/23 Status Update: The property manager for The Billingswood has met with the general contractor for the FF&E phase. This project is on schedule as planned and expected to be bookable by September 2023. The Billingswood is a cozy lakeside haven nestled in the sought-after Sleepy Hollow Lake community. This 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom vacation rental is the perfect lakeside retreat. Guests will enjoy open living spaces and a sunroom on the first floor adorned with lake vistas that invite the outdoors inside. Indulge in the warm embrace of the family room, where a charming fireplace, complete with a wood-burning stove, creates an inviting atmosphere for cozy gatherings. Situated on an expansive half-acre lot, The Billingswood proudly showcases 150 feet of private lakefront, giving guests the best of waterfront living.
This property is eligible to start receiving dividends after it is rent ready.
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