The Brennan
Single Family
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Hop into the Arrived time machine as we go back… all the way back to early 2022, when interest rates were lower and Elon had everyone convinced Dogecoin was going to the moon. Located in Huntsville, AL, The Brennan is a 3 bed 2 bath single family residential home Arrived purchased way back in early 2022. Now, as we find ourselves back in present day 2023, we are excited to bring our investors the opportunity to partake in only the good parts of 2022, like the benefits of lower interest rates and lower property values. According to its Zestimate, the property has already appreciated by $29,100, which is further magnified by 70% leverage at the currently unbeatable interest rate of 5.625%. Moreover, the property is already leased at $1,595 per month for 24 months, making it an even more appealing investment opportunity. The home features a spacious formal living room, an updated kitchen with new appliances and countertops, a fresh paint job, and luxury vinyl plank flooring throughout. Outside, you will find a large backyard, perfect for relaxing or entertaining.
Tenant Leasing Process
The time needed to sign the first tenant lease is variable and can depend on several factors including seasonality and whether the property requires any sort of renovation. Historically the average time to lease has been 45 days and has ranged from a minimum of 7 days to over 90 days. For more details on each status, check out the different rental statuses here.
Rental Status
This property is eligible to start receiving dividends after its first lease is signed.
The Market
Huntsville, AL
Huntsville consistently ranks highly for quality of life and ease of business. The city was founded in 1805 and has several historic districts along with various museums, parks, and annual festivals. Huntsville, known as The Rocket City, has a robust economy with high income earners due to the number of aerospace and military technology employers in the area. The Marshall Space Flight Center is NASA’s largest center, and most notably supports research and operations for the International Space Station. Huntsville is also home to Redstone Arsenal, a government base for various US defense departments with nearly 38,000 personnel. Cummings Research Park is nearby, boasting more than 300 companies and 26,000 employees working in research for science and technology. It’s the 2nd largest research park in the United States.
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