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How Are Monthly Dividends Determined for The SuiteSpot?
Properties start paying dividends once they start generating income and may vary month to month. The monthly dividend is determined by analyzing several factors, including rental status, the amount of cash in the property’s reserves, last quarter’s cash flow, projected expenses, and lease renewal timing. For more information on why dividends may be increased, decreased or paused, please see our detailed FAQ. The rental history and dividend payments for each property can be found on the performance tab.
The SuiteSpot is a beautiful four-bedroom, three-bathroom home in Scottsdale, AZ. Originally built in 1970, this gorgeous home has been fully remodeled to retain the charm of the past with all the modern features we expect. The home features a large open kitchen with a massive island, ample living space overlooking a sun-filled lawn, and plenty of upgrades like granite countertops and a fireplace. Outside, the home retains its original Scottsdale charm with a covered patio overlooking a heated pool.
This property is eligible to start receiving dividends after it is rent ready.
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Scottsdale, AZ
Scottsdale is a year-round destination of choice for those that enjoy high-end shopping and, of course, golf. Home to the famous “People’s Open” of golf, Scottsdale is where you want to be to immerse yourself appropriately. With tons of places to grab a bite or drink, this is your destination for top-notch fun in the sun.
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