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Historical Performance of Arrived Portfolio

How is our rental home portfolio performing? Below, you'll find the current status of our properties, carefully selected by our investment team. For a comprehensive overview of the Arrived portfolio performance, including the recurring dividends, occupancy rate, and share price movements, you can visit our blog to view our quarterly financial performance updates. Please note that past performance is not indicative of future results, and investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal. The data below shows the two ways Arrived rental properties can deliver returns.
  1. 1) Dividends from the rental income on each property are currently paid out to investors monthly
  2. 2) Appreciation from the potential change in property value realized at the end of the investment hold period
Visit our product returns deep-dive to learn more about our different investment products. Arrived aims to provide a diversified portfolio of properties in each category to align with every client's investment goals. This data is provided as a part of our client commitments—which include providing financial education, ensuring accuracy and integrity in our company reporting, and being responsible stewards of our clients' investments. You can view our investment principles if you want to learn more about the investment process that has driven these returns.


Assets Under Management

Tens of thousands of people on Arrived have fully funded hundreds of properties, building their long-term wealth through real estate investing.


Active Markets

Arrived has properties and operations across the country, helping investors invest remotely in diversified markets.


Properties Funded

All Arrived properties are hand-picked and individually analyzed by our investment team, ensuring that our investors choose from an exceptional selection of homes.


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Total Returns
All Time Appreciation
Annualized Rental Income
Share Price