8 Interesting Facts About the Hampton Roads, VA Real Estate Market

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Mar 19, 2024

8 Interesting Facts About the Hampton Roads, VA Real Estate Market

With its rich history, diverse communities, and strategic coastal location, the Hampton Roads, VA, real estate market presents a compelling landscape for real estate investors. 

Here’s eight things you didn’t know about this bustling market. 

Home to the World’s Largest Naval Base 

Hampton Roads is home to multiple military installations, including Naval Station Norfolk, the world's largest naval base. Given the significant military presence, Hampton Roads is home to communities catering to the needs of military personnel and their families. Proximity to bases like Naval Station Norfolk and Langley Air Force Base makes areas like Norfolk's Ocean View and Hampton's Fox Hill appealing to those with military affiliations.

It Is Loaded With Historic Charm 

Nestled within Hampton, the Phoebus district exudes historic charm and character. With cobblestone streets and a collection of well-preserved buildings, Phoebus is a haven for those who appreciate a touch of nostalgia. 

There’s Waterside Living 

With its extensive waterfront along the Elizabeth River, Norfolk offers a lifestyle immersed in maritime beauty. Communities like Ghent and Freemason Harbor blend historic architecture and modern amenities, providing a waterfront living experience that attracts residents and investors alike.

Hampton, with its prime location along the Chesapeake Bay and Hampton Roads Harbor, offers numerous opportunities for waterfront living. Communities like Fox Hill and Buckroe Beach provide a coastal lifestyle, making them attractive for those seeking the tranquility of waterfront living. Home sales ventures in these areas can tap into the demand for properties with direct access to the bay or harbor.

There’s Suburban Allure in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, the largest city in the region, caters to those seeking a suburban lifestyle. With an array of neighborhoods ranging from the family-friendly Kempsville to the upscale North End, Virginia Beach accommodates diverse preferences. 

There’s an Emerging Urban Scene in Newport News

Newport News combines residential spaces with tech-driven businesses, creating a modern urban environment. 

There’s also Ghent. Located in Norfolk, with its tree-lined streets, historic architecture, and proximity to cultural institutions like the Chrysler Museum of Art, Ghent attracts a diverse demographic of students, artists, and professionals. 

It Has a Strategic Location and Transportation Hubs

Hampton Roads is a central transportation hub in the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean confluence. Its ports and easy access to major highways make it an attractive location for logistics and trade, influencing the area's housing demand.

There Is a Growing Tech Hub

Hampton Roads is emerging as a hub for technology and innovation. Research institutions and the tech sector's growth contribute to a diverse and educated workforce, creating opportunities for real estate investment in areas near these developments.

Institutions like NASA Langley Research Center and the National Institute of Aerospace contribute to the region's reputation as a cutting-edge research and development hub. This influx of tech talent and innovation has a cascading effect on the local housing market.

Commercial developments catering to tech companies are emerging, creating a dynamic ecosystem supporting the industry. These developments often include office spaces, co-working facilities, and mixed-use spaces that integrate residential components, presenting diversified investment options for those interested in the tech-driven real estate market.

Resilience Against Market Volatility

Historically, Hampton Roads has demonstrated resilience against market volatility. The steady deployment of military personnel and the presence of defense contractors contribute to a consistent and reliable demand for housing, acting as a stabilizing force in the housing market.

Hampton Roads has intentionally diversified its economy beyond military-related industries. A mix of sectors, including healthcare, education, tourism, and emerging technology, can make the area less susceptible to economic downturns in any one industry. Some sectors within Hampton Roads, such as healthcare and education, are considered counter-cyclical. These industries tend to remain stable or even thrive during economic downturns like the recent pandemic.

Hampton Roads, Virginia, is more than just a collection of cities. It is a region with a dynamic real estate market offering a range of opportunities. 

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