The Oasis: Before & After

Nov 15, 2022

The Oasis: Before & After

On September 7, 2022, Arrived launched its first vacation rental in Nashville, Tennessee. Dubbed “The Oasis” for its calm, welcoming feel and design amongst the fast-paced nightlife of Downtown Nashville, it quickly amassed six bookings in its first ten days on the market. 

Our Property Management Partner

For The Oasis, Arrived partnered with Misfit Homes, one of the leading vacation rental property owners in Nashville, with more than 25 properties under management. Misfit specializes in “fun luxury stays,” which is precisely what we had in mind before we even found the property, named it, or designed it. 

Misfit Homes Logo

While we immediately fell in love with the team at Misfit, we can’t help but mention the additional benefit of their being an Airbnb Superhost and VRBO Premier Host, each of which comes with numerous benefits, including higher visibility for property listings in search results.

Details, Details, Details

For this property, we relied heavily on Misfit’s expertise in the Nashville market to determine the appropriate price to pay for a property, as well as the budget for design. Once the location was selected and we checked local regulations, we got it under contract. Arrived officially purchased The Oasis on August 26, 2022, and our partner got right to work.

When our team discussed themes for The Oasis, we envisioned “Vice City meets Dolly Parton, with electric colors, while ensuring the Nashville aura is present.” If you check out the photos in the link above or in the Before & After section below, you’ll see that our designers nailed it.

Given the highly-competitive short-term rental market in Nashville, our team wanted to ensure that The Oasis checked every box in terms of amenities to entice bookings and ensure the absolute best experience for guests. With this, the size of the property, the initial design boards, and initial estimates in mind, we allocated $73,000 to our design budget. Let’s check out the Before & After photos before reviewing the budget…

Before & After

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the before and after photos taken by our team:

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Bedroom Before

Bedroom After

Gathering Room Before

Gathering Room After

Deck 1 Before

Deck 1 After

Deck 2 Before

Deck 2 After

Garage Before

Garage After

Reviewing the Transformation

Needless to say, we were more than pleased with the transformation of the property, and we were able to do all of this while staying within our budget.

The design costs included:

  • Kitchen: $3,094
  • Living Room: $8,930
  • Roof Top: $8,085
  • Bedrooms: $18,182
  • Garage: $4,182
  • Murals: $3,270
  • Design Fee: $3,500
  • Taxes: $4,574

We also paid our partner for the design coordination, with our total spend coming out to $71,497, 2.1% below our budget of $73,000. We were delighted with the results, but the guest experience matters most, so let’s see what our first guests have had to say.

Final Steps

Upon completion of the design process, we applied for all necessary permits to begin operations. We received the permits on October 3, 2022, and quickly got our listings live on Airbnb and other platforms on October 12, 2022. Our first booking came on the very next day, October 13, 2022, and The Oasis has been on a roll ever since.

What Do Guests Think?

So far, the reviews on The Oasis’ listing on Airbnb are all 5-stars. 

We hope The Oasis delights thousands of visitors in the years ahead and becomes one of the most popular stays in the booming Nashville short-term rental market.

Book The Oasis

If you want to be a guest at The Oasis, here’s where you can book your stay:

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