Celebrating Women's History Month With the Women at Arrived

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Mar 7, 2024

Celebrating Women's History Month With the Women at Arrived

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we sat down with some of the unbelievably talented women at Arrived to learn how they navigate their professional journey, advocate for equality, and influence the spaces they occupy. 

This compilation is not just a tribute to their achievements but a testament to the collective wisdom that empowers women to break barriers, build bridges, and blaze trails. 

Rex Nguyen, Head of Product & Senior Director

Rex once received advice from another woman that has stuck with her:

“We don’t have a lot of role models to tell us how a woman in leadership should behave, so we have to be our own role models.”

She’s gone on to embody this wisdom in her career. She defines her success as a leader through consistently overdelivering results and deeply caring about her team. Rex works hard to ensure anyone she works with feels supported. “I hope anyone who has ever worked with me would say I helped them do something that matters to them,” she says. 

It is a leadership style that is both results-oriented and deeply personal, underscoring the importance of bringing your authentic self to the workplace. 

Korin Hedlund, Director of Investment Relations

Korin’s inspiration is her mother, Sheri Hedlund, her ultimate role model. Her mother's ability to break into traditionally male-dominated roles and make a lasting impact showed Korin the power of resilience and inclusivity. “When I grow up, Sheri Hedlund is who I want to be,” she says. 

When finding the right workplace, Korin recommends choosing a company that makes you feel seen, heard, and valued. “If you find yourself in a position where this isn’t taking place, gather all the pearls you can and find it elsewhere,” she says. “Being in a place that celebrates who you are and the work you do…that’s where the magic happens.”

Christina Allan, Senior Product Designer

Christina offers pragmatic advice to those aiming to follow in her footsteps: Get to know the women doing what you want to be doing. Too often, our networks are siloed in our departments, companies, or friends. But it never hurts to reach out to the women working in the field you want to be in.

Christina takes inspiration from Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx. Christina admires Blakely for her groundbreaking entrepreneurial achievements and ability to maintain a genuine balance authentically and joyfully. “I'm always inspired by seeing how she balances leadership and real life so candidly,” she says. 

Jackie Thai, Head of Talent & People

Jackie believes there is something everyone can do to promote gender equality and advance women in leadership positions. 

It starts with encouraging women to step into leadership roles early in their careers, not just support roles. “We don’t have to wait until later in our careers to hold leadership roles,” she says. As a workforce, “we need to prioritize women's professional growth and development. Ensure their voices are heard. Remove barriers by ensuring equal pay and enacting fair parental leaves. And be willing to promote women just as often as men,” she says. 

And when it comes to being allies, amplifying women’s voices, supporting their achievements, and encouraging them is key. 

After all, as Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.”

Sue Korn, Arrived CFO 

Sue’s advice to women aiming to climb the career ladder? Follow the ethos of lifelong learning and have the courage to embrace new challenges. She advocates for developing a versatile skill set and cultivating a growth mindset. 

Sue acknowledges women's diversity, cautioning against generalizations while recognizing the broad spectrum of leadership styles and strengths they offer. She points out that women contribute uniquely to leadership dynamics, whether it's strategic vision, operational excellence, or fostering collaboration. 

Looking to the future, Sue is optimistic about the trajectory of women's leadership roles.

“I think we will look back on this period of history as a transformational turning point for women. We learned as a society during COVID-19 that it is possible to be effective remotely, opening up a real conversation around work-life balance. I think this benefits women uniquely, especially working mothers. I think the conversations happening around this topic across many industries are catching fire, and I am optimistic for the future,” she says. 

Tyler Pietri, Staff Product Manager 

For Tyler, good leadership success comes down to balancing outcomes and humanity. As a leader, she feels, “we must acknowledge and accommodate the individuality of our team members.” It is a skill learned from other leaders who pushed her to do her best while accepting that she was human, with quirks and flaws. 

Tyler’s advice for women? Chase what feels right, even if you have no experience in it. “I didn’t set out to have the career that I do. Rather, I chased the people, places, and opportunities that felt like the right fit,” she says. Unfamiliar experiences can often be the most rewarding but don’t forget to stop and evaluate where you’re at. And if it isn’t a great fit, “get ruthless about leaving the opportunities that don’t feel right,” she says.


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