Save Time and Make Bank With These Vacation Rental Management Tools

Aug 30, 2023

Save Time and Make Bank With These Vacation Rental Management Tools

Managing a vacation rental property takes a lot of time. On average, Airbnb hosts say they spend 11 hours per week just managing a single vacation home — outside of the busy season. You could spend even more time if you’re trying to handle things remotely. 

But, some tools and partnerships can help you save time and money while boosting your Airbnb revenue. 

Recently, Arrived launched our first in-house managed vacation rental property, The SuiteSpot. To pull it off, we pooled our decades of industry experience to curate a list of management services. This playbook includes some of our favorite ways to manage a vacation rental property. 


Showplace’s design experts help create tailored vacation rental experiences from the ground up. Showplace helps Arrived develop property designs, collaborating with our in-house team to envision a look and feel. From there, they help manage the tricky logistics of furniture delivery, setup, and staging. 

So far, partnerships like Showplace have helped Arrived vacation rental properties earn more than 25 five-star reviews — and counting! 


Guesty is a property management system tailor-made to simplify property management listings and distribution to multiple vacation rental channels like Airbnb and Vrbo. As an all-in-one solution, Guesty offers a centralized hub to manage your listings, a unified inbox to streamline guest communications, payment solutions to make making money more manageable, and automation tools to save time. 

Arrived is using services like Guesty to directly manage The SuiteSpot, helping to streamline repetitive tasks and minimize issues so we can save time and money. Many of our property management partners also agree having a tool like this helps. 


Operto helps us manage the guest experience through an easy-to-use platform. Through Operto, the Arrived team can manage smart devices in a vacation rental home, verify online guest check-ins, and keep track of a digital guestbook to ensure their stay is going well. 

The platform also offers services like remote noise and occupancy monitoring, maintenance scheduling, and even control the temperature remotely. 


Creating a guest experience that leads to five-star reviews takes more than providing good quality linens and coffee in the morning (though that does help). 

Viator provides guests with local experiences to get the most out of their stay. Guests can find events, reserve tickets ahead of time, and even cancel for free. Providing options like Viator is an easy value-add to help ensure your guests have a memorable time. 


Pricelabs help take the guesswork out of pricing a nightly stay. The platform provides dynamic pricing across several vacation rental management sites like Airbnb and Vrbo. 

Using data, Pricelabs recommends the optimum price based on factors like time of year, day of the week, and number of days left to book. Pricelabs’ algorithm even automatically tracks local events and trends so you can maximize revenue at key points throughout the year. 


Standing out from a crowd of millions on a booking site isn’t easy. Platforms like IntelliHost can help you drill down into the data to see what is — and isn’t — working with a vocational rental listing. 

The platform offers a competitive analysis and listing health tracker to see how your listing compares and what improvements you can make in real time. You can also automate performance metrics by tracking the impact of changes to your listing. 


Safely screens guests to lower the risk of problematic stays. It also provides insurance for any mid-stay damage. 

The Safely Protection Policy through On Demand provides up to $100,000,000 in short-term rental protection against expenses like pet damage, mistreatment, theft, and bodily harm. All policies also come with guest screening, so you can spot potential problems before they happen. 


A well-stocked vacation rental is key to keeping your guests happy, boosting ratings, and getting more bookings. 

With Sojo you can automate your amenities. Sojo offers automated purchasing of quality supplies that arrive right at your property with clear instructions for your on-site team. You can outfit everything from the bathroom to the pantry and even leave gifts for your guests. 

Creating memorable guest experiences like The SuiteSpot takes work, but having the right tools can help you automate repetitive tasks, boost your listing visibility, and ultimately get more bookings. 

Rather skip the legwork? By investing in an Arrived vacation rental, you can earn passive income while Arrived takes care of the staging, bookings, maintenance, and supply ordering. 

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