Taxes 101 with Arrived CFO Joel Mezistrano

Mar 9, 2023

Taxes 101 with Arrived CFO Joel Mezistrano

It’s tax season so we sat down with Arrived CFO Joel Mezistrano to cover as many tax-related topics as we could.

What is Depreciation?

For more information on depreciation, please click here.

What is Depreciation Recapture?

For more information on depreciation recapture, please click here.

What are Capital Gains?

For more information on capital gains taxes on rental properties, please click here.

What is Qualified Business Income (QBI)?

For more information on qualified business income, please click here.

What is a 1031 Exchange?

For more information on 1031 exchanges, please click here.

K-1 vs. 1099-Div

For more information on how your Arrived investment is taxed, please click here.

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